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Why Attend? 

Is your brand keeping up in today’s changing marketing landscape? We’re presenting a new, evolved MarketMix in 2019, to keep you where you need to be: at the forefront of what’s next.


You’ll be ready for tomorrow’s marketing trends  

The brand world moves at lightning speed, keeping even seasoned marketers on their toes. So we’re collecting some of the best, most original thought leaders in the space, to give you the lectures, workshops, and debates you need to keep ahead of the trends. You’ll learn how to build a brand that’s responsive and can adjust to the competitive landscape. You’ll learn how to be intentional in your marketing efforts. Best of all, you’ll get practical strategies for bringing what you’ve learned back to your team, and implementing it in your practice.

You’ll get amazing opportunities to build your network

As marketers, we grow when we can learn from each other, sharing knowledge and pooling resources. And at this year’s MarketMix, we’re introducing new activities to help you do just that. You’ll get face time with a diverse group of high-profile marketers, giving you a truly invaluable opportunity to meet people, find mentors, share experiences, and grow your professional network.